Client: Hansen Yuncken

Service Provided: Supply and installation of gantries

Description: Supplied and installation of gantries in a safe manner, where we worked with the client and Adelaide City Council to provide these temporary structures to the requirements of both the relevant parties.

These gantries where designed to support climbing working decks, while protecting the general public in one of the busiest areas in the Adelaide CBD. No. 1 King William St is in a very prestigious area of the CBD, with neighbours including the Adelaide Parliment Building and the Governer General’s residency, therefore additional pressures where placed on this job due to its locations

Client: System Formwork and Piotto Bros

Service Provided: Design of formwork system and design of Concrete Placing Booom installation/propping

Description: AIS developed and design a formwork system with the client to support the beam and slab pours, a reshore design was also created for this structure. This design minimised the amount of material System Formwork needed to use in order to support the pours.
AIS designed the concrete placing tower booms footings and supporting layouts. Due to the presence of a 12m floor height, a steel grillage was suppled by AIS in order to support the placing boom at these great floor to floor heights.